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The Corporation’s purpose (and hence its mission) is to honor the work of Hannah B. Chickering, who in the 19th Century dedicated her life to female prisoners and their children. 


Accordingly, the Corporation shall provide financial support to programs and organizations that address the needs of women and children in crisis, thereby furthering the Corporation’s goal of helping women and children gain health, safety, independence and self-sufficiency.

Currently Funded Agencies

The Chickering Foundation seeks to promote and support agencies whose work reflects the mission of Hannah B. Chickering. 

Furthermore, the Chickering Foundation seeks to provide financial support that will make a meaningful difference to the women and children being served.

The Chickering Board meets each fall to review and decide funding for current agencies and new applicants.


Principles for
Grantee Relationships

The members of The Chickering Foundation are honored to carry on the mission of prison reformer Hannah B. Chickering by providing monetary grants to local social service agencies. We are aware that there is a history of power imbalance in philanthropy, which arises from the simple fact that grant-making organizations offer funding to organizations that depend on that funding to be able to carry out their missions. Chickering's goal is to treat all grantee agencies with sensitivity and respect. Click for more on the principles that guide our work with grantees. 

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