Agencies We Support

The Corporation’s purpose (and hence its Mission) is to honor the work of Hannah B. Chickering, who in the 19th Century dedicated her life to female prisoners and their children.  Accordingly, the Corporation shall provide financial support to programs and organizations that address the needs of women and children in crisis, thereby furthering the Corporation’s goal of helping women and children gain health, safety, independence and self-sufficiency.
Walker Inc.
Walker transforms the lives of children and youth who are facing complex emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges by partnering with these children and youth, their families, and communities to nurture hope, build strengths, and develop lifelong skills.
On The Rise
Safety, community, and advocacy for homeless and formerly-homeless women
Community Servings
Helping teach healing food therapy to those needing jobs.
Home Start
A non-profit organization whose mission is to end homelessness in Greater Boston by assisting individuals in obtaining permanent housing and settling into the community, and by developing strategies to address systemic barriers to housing placement. began with a pilot grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), a few trained staff, and a vision for change.
is a private, nonprofit society with a legacy of strengthening families and preventing child abuse through essential child welfare and mental health treatment and effective public advocacy. Incorporated in 1878, MSPCC serves children and families across Massachusetts with an unmatched range of services designed to respond to the individual needs of infants, children, adolescents and their families.
My Life My Choice
is a nationally recognized, groundbreaking initiative designed to reach adolescent girls most vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation. MLMC provides a unique continuum of prevention, victim identification, and intervention services. MLMC offers provider training, prevention groups, case coordination, and survivor mentoring to victims of exploitation.
Project Place
many services to women as they move from incarceration to independent living. The largest of these is the Community Re-Entry for Women Program (CREW).
The Second Step
partners with adult and child survivors of domestic violence to enhance supportive community and identify pathways to physical and emotional healing, housing, and financial security.
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