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The Corporation’s purpose (and hence its Mission) is to honor the work of Hannah B. Chickering, who in the 19th Century dedicated her life to female prisoners and their children.  Accordingly, the Corporation shall provide financial support to programs and organizations that address the needs of women and children in crisis, thereby furthering the Corporation’s goal of helping women and children gain health, safety, independence and self-sufficiency.

Grant Criterion and Application


Grant Criteria:


The Chickering Foundation seeks to promote and support agencies whose work reflects and promotes the mission of Hannah B. Chickering.  Furthermore, the Chickering Foundation seeks to provide financial support that will make a meaningful difference to the women and children being served.


The programs and special projects we support:


  • Are dependent on private funding reflecting in their size and scope the size of our foundation.
  • Provide community-based resources for women and children in Eastern Massachusetts.
  • Build relationships with individuals in order to bridge gaps left by government services, enabling women and children to have a higher quality of life.
  • Develop relationships within the community in order to foster a long-term web of support for women and children for, but not limited to, jobs, housing, and life skills.
  • Raise awareness and educate the public concerning the underserved needs of women and children.


Agencies that are approved for funding will be assigned a Chickering Foundation Manager and will undergo an annual review each summer/fall.  Some one-time grants may be provided.

Grant Proposal Guidelines for NEW AGENCIES ONLY
  • Using the Grant Application linked below, please submit your agency's information to the Foundation's email ( no later than March 15th.
  • Confirmation of receipt will be sent by March 20th.
  • The Grants Committee will review proposals throughout the spring and early summer. Agencies may be contacted for further information and to schedule a visit from Chickering Board members.
  • The Board will vote on grant funding in early November. All agencies that apply will be notified of the results, whether or not funding is offered.
  • Grants will be distributed in December.
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